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Getting A Divorce? Let Us Help You Break Free Of Domestic Violence

If you are being abused, you do not have to take it. Breaking free of domestic violence is hard and scary, but you can do it with the proper support. Do not be intimidated into staying in a bad relationship. Get the law on your side to help you get out.

Helping Gainesville and Tallahassee Victims Of Abuse With Restraining Orders

The family law attorneys at Bauer Law Group in Gainesville, Tallahassee, Leon, Columbia, Bradford, Union, Gilchrist, levy, Dixie, and Putnam, Florida, help our clients break free of domestic violence. Through our years of practice, we have helped many clients who have been victims of abuse get out safely and for good. We are skilled at obtaining restraining orders and other protective orders as well as providing counsel on how our clients can stay safe.

We Know The Process And What’s Needed To Protect Your Safety

The most dangerous time for domestic violence victims is when they try to leave a relationship. If an abusive spouse is causing you to fear for your safety, call the police, and then call the lawyer.

We have worked with many clients through complicated divorces. We can advise you on the most effective ways to leave a marriage and protect your interest in marital assets. We will help you leverage the legal system to your advantage. If children are involved, we can assist you with pursuing temporary custody of the children.

If you need to file a criminal complaint, be as thorough as possible. The details in a criminal record can be very important to protect your interests.

It Will Not End Until You Take Steps To End It

Victims of domestic violence often make bargains with themselves in hopes that their abusers will change and their situations will get better. While this can be a helpful coping mechanism, the truth is that the abuse will not end unless you take steps to change it. You can get out.

You Do Not Need To Lose Everything To Get Away From Abuse

You should not feel like you have to lose everything just to get away from an abusive spouse. If you or your children are victims of domestic violence, our compassionate family law lawyers can help.

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