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FamilyExperienced Attorneys Helping Gainesville Resolve A Wide Range Of Family Law Matters

When two individuals end a marriage or a nonmarital relationship, the emotions that result can be severe, ranging from anger to confusion to despair. Both parties need to get in touch with a family law attorney in Florida to resolve all divorce related matters peacefully.

At Bauer Law Group in Gainesville and Tallahassee, Florida, we see the fallout of this in the various attitudes that individuals bring to divorce and other family law issues. Some are intent on inflicting financial or emotional pain on the other party, while others adopt a “let’s get it over with” or “whatever is best for the children” approach. All of these approaches have their problems. Our family law attorney in Gainesville FL and Tallahassee Florida understands the issues that come up in all these situations. We have the best family law attorney serving in Gainesville FL who has been practicing this area of law for many years.

Adopting A Goal That Best Fits Your Needs

Our experienced family law attorneys help our clients adopt a more goal-oriented approach to addressing the significant decisions that must be made. We help you see that the goal needs to be what is best for you, and any children you may have, for the long term. Remember, it is not best for your children for you to get the short end of the stick and loss of everything you have earned. You need to be able to take care of your children now and not be a burden in the future. When you contact our Gainesville and Tallahassee family law attorney, you will be happy to know that our attorney follows this approach.

Negotiation Or Litigation-We Will Take The Best Approach For You

Sometimes smart negotiation and carefully considered compromises can produce effective agreements. Other times, a matter can only be resolved in court with the help of a family law attorney in Tallahassee FL. It’s important to be represented by a lawyer who knows which approach makes the most sense for the moment, and one who can then carry that strategy through. We litigate when it makes sense, just as we resolve disputes through negotiation when a fair offer is on the table. Our Florida family law attorney is highly experienced in this area of law.

Offering No-Holds-Barred Advice

We understand the sensitivity of the divorce process and other family law issues — but we have to make sure emotions do not cloud our client’s decisions. Our clients benefit from the open, honest and sometimes painfully frank communication we feel are necessary to protect our clients. We will never tell you what to do — but we will not sit by quietly if we believe you are making a mistake. This is not the time to hide the ball. This is the time to give clear and straightforward, no holds barred advice.

We assist clients in a wide variety of family law matters, including:

Let An Experienced Gainesville and Tallahassee Family Law Attorney Help You

Family law concerns produce a lot of questions. We invite you to contact us to schedule an appointment with our Gainesville and Tallahassee family law attorney so that we can provide answers and begin planning your long-term future.

Call (352) 375-5960 in the Gainesville Area, (352) 375-5960 in Tallahassee Area or email us to schedule an appointment with our family law attorney in Tallahassee FL.

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