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Mission Statement:

At Bauer Law Group we believe in educating our clients, because we know that an informed client is a satisfied client. Therefore, at no additional cost, we have conveniently provided our clients with detailed information, corresponding to the Client Progress Sheets we provide to all of our new clients, explaining each major step in the litigation process.

In addition, we believe that every prospective client would like to retain the services of an attorney who is not only exceedingly competent, but efficient as well. The more efficient the service we provide, the more productive we can be for our clients. At Bauer Law Group we aspire to do our utmost to keep attorney’s fees down. In line with our goal of reducing attorney’s fees, we request that our clients review the information provided below.

The following can serve to answer many of the questions you may have about the litigation process, and along with the Client Progress Sheet, our clients will know and understand exactly where they are in their case life cycle and what to expect next.

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