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Should I Quit Using Social Media During My Divorce?

Many of us use social media and rely on it to stay connected to friends. Unfortunately, many of us use it to share some of the most intimate details of our lives and, if you are going through a divorce, this can ultimately be a detriment to the outcome of your case. Until your divorce is finalized, it is crucial to take a hiatus from partaking in social media. Nothing you would like to share online is worth jeopardizing your case for.

Why You Should Avoid Social Media for the Time Being

Social Media seems benign, especially if you only use it to share memes or share pictures of your dinner. However, a lot can be gleaned even from what may appear to be an inconsequential detail. For example, if you used Facebook’s check-in feature to tell your friends about the fancy restaurant you are enjoying a meal at, it might suggest something about your lifestyle and spending habits, especially if you do it with some regularity.

Memes may seem fun and harmless, but if you share something with a bitter or nasty outlook on marriage or one that is particularly poignant for your circumstances, it may also send a message you may not necessarily want in court. Ultimately, if you would not be comfortable with any of your posts finding their way into a courtroom, you should not share it.

If you cannot forego using social media entirely, be thoughtful about your usage. Here are some tips:

  • Do share photos
  • Do not vent about your spouse
  • Do not share details about your divorce
  • Do not share posts about your children
  • Do not discuss your dating life
  • Do not share anything that may indicate what your spending habits are like

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