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Student Appeals

So you’ve been accused of cheating, your overly sensitive professor thinks you mouthed off one too many times, or your scorned ex has made allegations Student doing homeworkabout you to school officials. Whatever the reason may be, you have now found yourself at risk of being kicked out of school.  Don’t let your dream profession or graduation hopes slip away from you before you understand your rights as a student.

You, yes you, have rights as a student.  If you have received notice that you may be kicked out of school for any reason, there is a procedure that must be complied with by the school.  For example, students at the University of Florida accused of violations of the Student Code of Conduct may be subject to a disciplinary hearing.  Not only is suspension a possible disciplinary penalty, but the most severe consequence is expulsion which is not something to take lightly after you have spent so much time and effort into your academic career.  

There are different types of suspension such as being denied access to certain areas on campus, inability to attend classes or participate in school activities or programs, or the possibility of needing to reapply to school.  None of these options are appealing and can have severe consequences to your academic record. Luckily, you may be able to tell your side of the story through a disciplinary hearing. At the University of Florida, if an incident results in a charge, the student will have an opportunity to discuss the allegations at an informational meeting and the decision can be made on what type of hearing will occur.  

It is important to note that an attorney cannot speak at these hearings and is instead a silent co-counsel to your lead.  As the hearings could entail the questioning of witnesses, gathering pieces of evidence, giving a statement, and possibly appealing the decision, it is crucial to not only be prepared for the hearing but feel prepared and confident.   These disciplinary hearings sound frightening and can be intimidating if you have not sought the assistance of an experienced student appeals attorney. Here, at the BAUER LAW GROUP, our attorneys have many years of experience preparing students for every step of a disciplinary hearing.  We will not only help you understand the process, but we will assist you with locating witnesses, questioning witnesses, gathering documents, and, most importantly, helping you prepare your statement.

If you find yourself in this situation, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced student appeals attorneys.  We have a clear vision and plan for students, with the ultimate goal to get you across that stage and take hold of your diploma that you have worked so hard for and deserved.