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If divorce is inevitable in your future, you are likely filled with many uncertainties. However, if you will not be dealing with child custody issues, your overwhelming concern may be money. This is understandable since the decisions made during your settlement will affect your life for many years. Spousal support, alimony and property division will determine how securely you enter…Read More

If the topic of divorce has come up between you and your spouse, you may be at a turning point in your marriage. Whether one of you started the conversation in a calm and rational moment or hurled it as a threat during a heated argument, once you speak the word, it is often hard to pull it back. Still,…Read More

While the amount of the child support will vary upon the non-custodial parent’s income and the number of minor children, making payments is mandated by the court of law. Child support payments will specify how much and when the amount must be paid by the non-custodial parent. But if they are not able or refuse to make the payments, serious…Read More

These days, family courts are encouraging parents to negotiate their own parenting plans. Even Florida's legislature is getting behind cooperation and compromise when it comes to parenting by changing the words "child custody" to "time sharing" in the statutes. As more research is done regarding child rearing, the courts' perspective of what is in the best interests of the child…Read More

We've all seen courtroom dramas where divorcing couples appear in front of a judge, each with their own attorney by their side, grappling about disagreements relating to child support, property division, and other issues involved in the divorce. Fortunately, real life is far from the hostile, sensational melodramas we seen on TV. In fact, many couples are able to work…Read More